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A rugby team won’t win much if they only try once. The same is true for you. If you only call leads once, you’re highly unlikely to make the sales targets.
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  1. Treat everyone with respect: Just because someone isn’t a decision maker doesn’t mean you should dismiss them or their authority (unless you want to get disqualified).
  2. People tend to be more honest in the mornings — meaning if you’re talking to a hard-to-pin-down prospect, you may want to schedule an early call.
  3. Don’t try and use the work you are doing for your prospects’ competitors as a pitch; after all, they want to be better than the other companies in their space, not exactly the same.
  4. Never bad-mouth your competitor to a prospect.
  5. In fact, if your competitor does something well, say so — not only does this show confidence, it also tells the prospect you’re honest.
  6. When a prospect criticizes you or your approach, accept it gracefully rather than getting defensive — an angry reaction will make them dig in their heels, but a humble one will make them likelier to come around to your side.
  7. Picture yourself sitting on the same side of table as your prospect, which’ll help you maintain a friendly and helpful attitude.
  8. Defer to a buyer’s communication preferences: If they’d clearly rather email than call (or vice versa), then go with it.
  9. If you’re reluctant to pick up the phone, remind yourself of your financial, career, or personal goals.
  10. Switch leads with another salesperson when you’re in a sales slump; you’ll feel less pressure to perform and it’ll be a fun change of pace. (If a prospect agrees to another conversation, give the opportunity back.)

If you're reluctant to pick up the phone, remind yourself of your financial, career, or personal goals. There is no sweeter feeling than a big deal won.

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